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Reparenting and Ronald Reagan

Every once in a while, I’ll use the phrase “re-parenting”. I think of that when I meet someone who has had a really rough time in life and, most of the time by their own admission, could use some “re-parenting” to help learn basic relationship and life skills. When President Reagan died, I thought about how he was responsible for “re-parenting” America during his term as President. Four things I think that President Reagan gave us were:

1)  A clear set of convictions.  Even if you disagreed with the man, he was clear in his convictions and core beliefs.  It seems certain that history will say that his convictions changed the world!

2)  A strong sense of hope.  America prior to Reagan went through a “malaise” period.  Reagan brought sunshine and optimism about the future.

3)  A belief in the value of human life.  Reagan constantly went to “the people” and put his trust in others and believed in their ability to grow forward with grace

4)  An uncommon grace in the moment.  Reagan could be comfortable with the wealthy and the poor, the powerful and the powerless.  He seemed to know what to say, when, and to whom (therefore the name, “The Great Communicator”).

Parents….these are the same EXACT qualities that we would do well to emulate.   We are needed for our own families….to give a firm foundation of belief, a strong sense of hope about the future, fundamental belief about the value of our children and family members, and an ability to be what is required in the moment. We all need reparenting once in a while…


President of Jessup University (, speaker and author of books on leadership and transformation

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