When Normal Stops Being the Goal….

“I just want things to go back to normal….” We all want a return to our favorite activities from our pre-Covid19 world.  But think returning to normal is actually not the goal.

God is doing a new thing, and part of that is to reveal the truth about our lives.  Revelation leads to reset and then there will be a season of reentry that leads to revival and reformation (see below for recent articles I wrote on these words).

One of the areas the Lord has been revealing to me is the importance of strengthening our foundations.  For me, that is found in “my Psalms”: Psalm 23, 91, and 103 have been the source of such great comfort over the years.  I have found them to be such great friends when my heart and spirit are troubled.  In fact, as my “normal” has been disrupted, I found myself strengthened with the life-giving heartbeat of those Holy Spirit inspired words.

So, I have stopped praying for “things to go back to normal”.  I want my new normal to be full of the presence of God in unprecedented ways.  I want my new normal to be full of expectation of God working in me and in Jessup in ways beyond anything I could have imagined before.  I want His word and His Spirit to be richly directing me every step of the way.  I pray that your normal is never the same as well!

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