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Twitter Wisdom…Part 4

I closed my Twitter account. But here are some thoughts that I have saved for further reflection:

I say NO to Babylonian exile thinking and repent personally! My friend @nhclc challenged me to write this out, so I did. We fight FROM victory not FOR it…

The first Testament prepared the way and the second Testament declared its presence. Today we are living with the Kingdom of God being manifested wherever Jesus is made known.

Pastors often grapple with what I call “multiple role schizophrenia”. We comfort, challenge, celebrate all in a morning or afternoon. Know who you are wherever you go and you will always be who you are called to be whatever the circumstance

Socialism only works if you can find a never ending source of other people’s money. Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessing (which can be mediated if there is a religious spirit of generosity) and Socialism is the equal sharing of misery (Winston Churchill quote, modified)

I’m not worried about Jesus, the Cross, or about Christianity. But I am grieved and burdened about our Culture. Increasingly, I pray for an Acts 2, Matthew 5, and Matthew 25 ministry of the church in our present hour. Triple braided cord.

as you likely know, the only form of Christian universalism is that God loves everyone, all people are created in the image of God, and all who come to the Father must come through the Son. There is NO Biblical view of Christian universalism re salvation John 14:6

Faith > Fear

Abundance > Scarcity

Truth > Facts

Wisdom > Knowledge

Seeing reports like this all over the internet. I wonder if, when church history is written, Easter 2020 will be considered the largest divergence in history. The fewest number of people in the building and the greatest number of recorded salvations on a single day

This is what I wrote about COVID-19 and Easter 2020. We partner with the Father, not with fear. We are people living on the other side of the tomb

I believe we are going to see an explosion of innovation and creativity across America and the globe. Manufacturing will return to the US, homes and small business will prosper. Faith, Hope, and Love can and will survive and thrive during and after Covid-19

Yes! This is a John 15 moment. Nominalism is dying in America and around the world. Pruning for greater fruitfulness is being birthed in the pandemic. We are living in a John 14:6 moment with a Matthew 5:12-16 opportunity

One more thing for today. I am wondering if we are entering into an accelerated Joseph season. Wisdom we did not have before can now be ours in exponential fashion. This is part of the reveal-reset-reentry-revival journey. What is God accelerating in your spirit?

We have created a Grand Canyon gap between theory and practice…in what should be a “step off the curb”. Getting real world training AND education should be the norm and not the exception. Measure what has been learned, not “hours spent”

Yes! I think the single greatest period of American creativity and ingenuity is about to be unleashed. In fact, I think a global movement of entrepreneurship will be birthed out of this season. Lean in not out. Receive this season do not run from it.

I’m praying for an Acts 2 moment. This can be the church’s finest hour. Pray we live with love, truth, grace, wisdom, discernment, compassion. There must be something different about followers of Jesus. Let’s pray to break the curve in His Strong Name.

Which is why I often say, “Hi, my name is John. I’m addicted to transformation, to the power of God to change a heart, a home, a community, a nation, the world”

I had one of those days. And God is good. But here is what I often say; I think it is a key to mental health that might help you if you understand the theology: I SLEEP LIKE A CALVINIST AND WORK LIKE AN ARMINIAN.

So good. Salvation is being saved, healed, and delivered. Jesus wants to meet you where you are, bring forgiveness to you, and restore you to right relationship with Him

0ur identity in Christ determines EVERYTHING. All else is mere tribalism and culturally convenient conversational identifiers. We are also not our race or our gender. All are important, but not MOST important. Whose we are trumps what we are every time

I agree. @JohnCMaxwell taught me many years ago that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. The John Jackson corollary is “everything in leadership rises and falls on relationships”.

I would argue that in our system, followers of Jesus have a sacred stewardship responsibility to participate in the public square. Matthew 5:12-16 calls us to be salt and light…and the ballot box and the public square are both mirrors and microphones for our moral compass.

I think the increasingly early push to Christmas music is NOT fundamentally a factor of crass commercialization (surely that is part of it), but an actual cry of the human soul. We long for warmth, presence, meaning. Immanuel is all of that and the center of Christmas

I was asked today what you should focus on during college? My answer: 1) Deepen Your Spiritual Life, 2) Cultivate Your Learning Skills, and 3) Equip Yourself for Vocation.

This article makes my John 17 heart profoundly sad. I am grateful for my pentecostal, new apostolic reformation, reformed, and gospel coalition friends. I’ll partner with anyone who points to Jesus; I long for us to be full of grace and truth.

1) Prioritize healthy families 2) Work with faith based communities to strengthen education, health, and social services 3) Establish clear legal guidelines and enforce them with active policing 4) Stimulate small business

Please read what @BethMooreLPM has written. Followers of Jesus have NO connection with hatred and violence and demonic activity like those we have seen in recent days. Jesus followers seek to be full of grace and truth in every generation and He offers love and forgiveness

So frustrating. We are a nation of immigrants. Let’s make the border safe and secure. Let’s have increased legal immigration. Let’s be compassionate. We can do all 3. Come on Government…lead!

In point of fact, I think true liberals are elitists and true conservatives are egalitarians. Liberals believe the in elites capacity to run the state for the benefit of society and Conservatives believe in the dignity of individuals to pursue their God given aims

Yes! LOVE this. If we do not contend for the light in the face of the darkness, then we are not a prevailing church. Jesus’ gospel and His kingdom are such that the very gates of hell cannot prevail against it..which means we are in the hell territory taking business!

I have long maintained that Bush 43’s speech at the National Cathedral post 9-11 would go down as one of the great moments in American oratory. I now will add his eulogy for his father, Bush 41 to that list. God gave him the right words for the right moments.

SOGI laws are SOGI laws; “fairness” is yet another attempt to hijack a word to enforce a singular ideology in culture. Thankful for the First Amendment. Reject government mandated ideological coercion.

And yet many California governmental officials think that “the weather” is Californias best weapon. Someday California will figure out that low taxes, high values and high freedoms are actually the winning combination. Until then, we export businesses and college students


President of Jessup University (, speaker and author of books on leadership and transformation

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