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Pastorpreneur and Creative Risk Taker for the Kingdom of God

Twitter Wisdom..Part 5

I closed my Twitter account. But here are some thoughts that I have saved for further reflection:

I’m no expert…but strong border security, respect for the rule of law (which means enforcement), and broad and generous legal immigration steps are an important part of where we must go. Regularizing the millions already here without granting citizenship is also key

I am increasingly convinced that our world needs clarity from followers of Jesus more than ever. So…I submit to you that 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 is the core of the core. Jesus, the resurrected Savior, according to the Scriptures. How do you respond to Jesus?

Make Christianity great again; recover a Jesus centered faith. I celebrate my friends in the Multi-Ethnic, African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native, and Anglo congregations that foster a Jesus centered, Biblically grounded, world impacting life of faith.

@RickWarren shaped my life in many ways. When I was a denominational exec, I sent hundreds to his Purpose Driven Church seminars. i taught PD in Kenya, and our church in NV was a PDL beta test site. Rick & @KayWarren1 have shaped the Body of Christ for decades. Thank you!

@JohnCMaxwell shaped much of my early leadership life. He lifted up the concept of lifting others up. John graciously wrote the foreword of my book, Pastorprenuer, in 2003 when he definitely did not need me, but I sure benefitted from him. That is just like JM

We are sowing seeds of our own destruction here. Parents, please know that gender and sexuality and marriage are all related to the image of God and important for our well being

Apparently some wonder if the movie Unplanned is propaganda. I think Unplanned is propaganda about abortion in the same way that Schindlers list is propaganda about the holocaust. Think about the similarities. I saw both movies and wept at both.

This is really a very spiritual age. People are beginning to reject a thoroughly closed system mechanistic and “scientific” worldview. Science is discovering many areas where unboundaried reality intersects with our everyday. Biblical Worldview is integrative and hope filled!

“Real grace” of Jesus is always redemptive and restorative and leads to transformation to who He made us to be. “False grace” leads to affirmation without transformation.

Colossians 1:28…Teleios in Greek. This is the aim of all our teaching and preaching and loving and serving…to be complete in Christ. Being like Jesus is what Christian maturity is all about.

Did you know-Part 2. Avg starting salaries of private college graduates exceed those of public university graduates by $4,000 per year. And, did you know that African American students are 12% of the enrollment at CIC member schools vs 10% at public colleges and universities?

“free exercise” means we established a republic where we maximize individual spiritual freedom within the boundaries of our social covenant. Shall not establish means we have determined to NOT have a state church like our ancestors did. People of faith want both respected

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a “fixed pie”. We are a body, and all individual parts. As we grow in His strength, we make each other stronger to inherit our Kingdom destiny. Your increasing strength makes me stronger, not weaker.

Speed of the leader, speed of the team. Speed of trust. Trust first. Speed second. African proverb: Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go together

So much of modern Christianity in the West is virtually “content free”. Historical figures like Irenaeus teach us the importance of truth. Being full of grace and truth is the call of every generation of Jesus followers

More coming your way. However, as a California resident, I am committed to being salt and light in the Corinth/Ephesus/Rome of our day. Being full of grace and truth when the culture is tilted against you has been the call of the church throughout the ages

I was a young pastor and denominational leader and went to Pastor Jack’s conferences every year; Pastor Jack came and spoke to our gathering and brought a humble dependence on the Holy Spirit as he blessed us with the Word of God. Many years later, he spoke life to our graduates

Gender, Sexuality, Marriage are not peripheral issues to the created order. These are, in the words of Jesus, what the Creator intended from the beginning (see Mark 10:6-8). The church, to be faithful to the gospel, must be faithful to Biblical revelation on these topics


President of Jessup University (, speaker and author of books on leadership and transformation

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