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The Prayers of Grandparents

I have been thinking about the prayers of grandparents. My wife Pam and I became grandparents a few years ago and I pray for my granddaughters and my children a lot. In late 2020 I was praying and pondering what possible prayers my grandparents made that were coming to pass in my life. Then this happened:

You may not be able to read it (my Dad had legendarily bad writing…like his son). But, the writing is from 11/13/77. My dad was giving me a copy of his book, “Mama was a Preacher” about his mother, my grandmother who was a Baptist preacher for small churches in the New England states. The first few words say, “The greatest heritage a child can have is ancestors of faith”. Then, my Dad told me that Grammie (my grandmother) had prayed that my life would be a miracle.

WOW. I just re-read that inscription yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes. To be honest, I do not remember reading that in 1977 when I was 16. But, it was that year that I received a call to preach, and it was during that period that I met Pam and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, I have been challenged again…what prayers made by my grandparents and parents are coming to pass in my life or the life of my grandchildren? What prayers am I praying now for my grandchildren (3 now and 1 on the way!)? How is the way I’m living, loving, and serving Jesus helping to set the course for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren?

My prayers today affect the future. The prayers of my faithful family in the past have literally shaped my life today. My prayers today are shaping the here and now and many untold tomorrows to come. Prayer is a history changing enterprise.

That is what I’m thinking about this morning. What prayers am I praying?


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