Leadership in Bite Sizes

            Effective Leaders are learners.  Many years ago, I wrote what I had been learning about leadership; hopefully they can be of encouragement to you as you think about the leadership role that God in which God has allowed you to serve: Leaders are learners…Those who are not are not leaders for long…. We liveContinue reading “Leadership in Bite Sizes”

An Open Letter to Governor Newsom and CA County Leaders

Churches and Counties Working Together for Public Health COVID-19 has changed so much.  But, the best of our lives have not changed.   We are strong and a resilient people and heroes are emerging from our midst every day.  We personally want to thank Governor Newsom for his steady leadership during this crisis.  Further, weContinue reading “An Open Letter to Governor Newsom and CA County Leaders”

An Appeal for California Churches

April 28, 2020 SACRAMENTO — Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and Dr. John Jackson, president of William Jessup University, release the following statement calling California leaders to allow churches in the state to begin opening their doors as places of worship, service, compassion and reflection: We are mindful of our nation’s proudContinue reading “An Appeal for California Churches”

Timely Words for Leaders: Reveal, Reset, Reentry, Revival

Full disclosure here.  Ever since the COVID-19 crisis has been brewing, I have been praying not just to “flatten the curve” but for the Strong Name of Jesus to #breakthecurve.  I believe the curve and the coronavirus will be defeated and that this is the Church and Christian ministries finest hour.  And, that also hasContinue reading “Timely Words for Leaders: Reveal, Reset, Reentry, Revival”

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