I have been fortunate to have amazing friends in life and leadership over the years.  Several have endorsed books or projects I have written and I thought you might enjoy reading a few of them here:
Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

“With the passion of a God-fearing and willing prophet, Dr. John Jackson speaks the mind of God to the church of God.”

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Pastor, The Potters House
Randy Frazee

“I have been a fan of John Jackson for many years now. His intensity for the Church to be all she was meant to be inspires me to no end, particu­larly in these difficult days.”

Randy Frazee

Pastor and Author
Gabrielle Bosché

“Dr John Jackson is the leading voice for Christians of impact ready to use their Purpose. His insight and work continue to inspire and equip leaders of all ages to get involved in changing the Culture.”

Gabrielle Bosché

Co-Founder and CEO, The Purpose Company

“John’s a strategic thinker. He’s a visionary. Pastorpreneur is worth reading. John Jackson knows what he’s talking about because he’s lived it. “

John Maxwell

“John Jackson is a leader of leaders. His insight and foresight challenge me as a leader. And his vision is contagious! If John writes it I’m going to read it.”

Mark Batterson

“We are living in a chapter of history where so much is at stake. It will require nothing less than heaven-inspired strategies to answer the world’s most pressing problems through a new generation of reformers. With his new book, my good friend Dr. John Jackson has released a timely call to action for believers everywhere. Grace Ambassador wisely instructs, encourages and equips. It is honest and heartfelt and clearly communicates what the Body of Christ needs to hear in this crucial season. This is the Church’s finest hour, and God wants to use you to bring about transformation in your sphere of influence!”

Dr. Ché Ahn

President, Harvest International Ministry; senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA; international chancellor, Wagner University

“In Grace Ambassador, my dear friend Dr. John Jackson opens his heart to the world. If you truly believe the words on the pages of the Bible, you have a responsibility to join Jesus in bringing heaven to earth. Dr. Jackson will guide you as you discover your God-given abilities and use them to usher the grace and love of Christ into the here and now.”

Samuel Rodriguez

Lead pastor, New Season Worship; president/CEO, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference; author, Persevere with Power; executive producer Breakthrough and Flamin’ Hot

“My friend and brilliant cultural observer, Dr. John Jackson, has packed into this little book how our culture can be lifted out of its death spiral. He tells us that it is not too late, but it will take some clear-eyed examination of our individual and corporate behavior. His prescription is for churches in every county in the United States to become prevailing churches, rather than pandering social clubs. His words are strong but accurate prescriptions for the church to embrace its fivefold ministry. If the church is going to be salt and light in our current day, the truths of Dr. Jackson’s analysis must reach the church and its leaders. He calls the church to speak out and make positive changes on the five death-injecting elements in our society.”

Dr. Gil Stieglitz

Pastor and Author of "Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage and Wise Parenting"

“This is a must-read book for the times we are in, seemingly, as the church is in retreat. The enemy is working hard to erode the impact of the church in the world today. He’s using current events to bring fear, division, and every other evil work, but it’s time for us to rise up for the Kingdom of God to be salt and light in the world! This is a defining moment for the church, and Dr. Jackson’s book will empower you to stand up and step out in the authority God has given you. I declare, as you read this book, it will cause you to be more bold, more courageous, and more compassionate about making a difference in our culture today.”

Dr. Phillip Goudeaux

Pastor of Calvary Christian Center

“President Jackson has written a cry of the heart to stir the faith community to action. As a pastor and educational leader, he boldly calls out our errors while also loving God’s church. This book is from one of God’s shepherds to encourage and help His sheep.”

John Mark N. Reynolds

President, The Saint Constantine School

“In The Prevailing Church, John Jackson champions the idea that the people of God should be actively engaged in the world to make it possible for people to experience life as God intends (the Kingdom). His call for the church to come out of hiding and demonstrate the kingdom is a welcome and compelling message. The stones you carry in your own bag may or may not match John’s, but his assertion that we are called to be viral kingdom agents should make us assess what we can do to reclaim what hell has stolen. “

Reggie McNeal

Author, Kingdom Come and Kingdom Collaborators

“This book is past due for the Church and our call to help shape culture. Dr. Jackson offers clear, compelling, and practical advice on how the Church is to be the transformational force can be. The chapter on the five giants that shape culture could stand alone as a book worth purchasing. Read this today, but only if you’re ready to be called to a challenge from Jesus.”

William Vanderbloemen

Founder and CEO. Vanderbloemen Search Group

“My friend and colleague Dr. John Jackson is sounding a clarion call at a most opportune time in history for the people of God, the Ekklesia. His call for the Church in America to live engaged in culture and not isolated from it is compelling and leads us to consider the question, “How shall we then live?” that he answers so brilliantly using the story of David and Goliath. Given Dr. Jackson’s credentials as a renowned scholar coupled with his lifelong experience as a leader and pastor to pastors it is no surprise that The Prevailing Church is a scholarly work, but also extremely practical and inspirational as you live your life for Kingdom impact that will lead to the transformation of cities and nations and ultimately the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Definitely this a must read book!”

Dr. Ed Silvoso

Founder, Transform Our World, Author, Ekklesia: Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation

“Dr. John Jackson has provided a helpful tool in a manageable package. Use his wisdom to help you mine through the options to make the right college choice for you.”

Dr. Robert E. Logan

Adjunct DMin Professor at Fuller Seminary, author of The Leadership Difference, The Discipleship Difference, and The Church Planting Journey

“”This book is full of wisdom and practical advice for anyone facing tough decisions. I am grateful for Dr. Jackson sharing these valuable lessons in a conversational way. This book is like speaking with a trusted friend.”

Brady Boyd

New Life Church, Colorado Springs Author of "Remarkable"

“John Jackson understands leadership and he understands higher education, he understands the church and he understands the pulse of the rising generation. If you are a parent of a high school student who is grappling with what kind of college to attend, or you ARE that student, you will have a lot to gain by adding THE RIGHT CHOICE to your must reads.”

Barry H. Corey

President of Biola University and author of Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue

“Honest. Practical. Immediately useful. The Right Choice is my choice for inspiring my college-bound triplet teenage grandchildren to think deeper and wider about their college options. The “Decision Matrix” (Dreams, Desires, Details) is brilliant!”

John Pearson

Board Governance & Management Consultant, John Pearson Associates, Inc.

“John Jackson is a man of bold action! You see it in his church, his family and his history of developing leaders. In this classic book, he shows us how to told bold action that expands God’s Kingdom! John is one of a handful of pastors that I look to as a motivator and a mentor.”

Nelson Searcy

Lead Pastor, The Journey Church of the City, New York City and Founder, www.ChurchLeaderInsights.com

“I admit it. I’m unique. It impacts who I am and how I interact with others. One of the areas in my life where that’s most evident is in my leadership. Leveraging Your Leadership chal- lenges us to consider how our personalities impact how we lead. (That includes leading unique guys like me.)”

Tony Morgan

Pastor, Author, and Consultant

“I was recently interviewed and asked the question, ‘What’s the number one thing you have learned in ten years of launching the Bayside Family of Churches movement?’ I responded, ‘That’s easy—the solution to everything is the right leader.’ John Jackson lives to add value to leaders. I constantly bring him in to evaluate our organization, and mentor our leaders, and his new book, Leveraging Your Leadership Style will be in the hands of the staff at all of our churches the minute it comes off the presses.”

Ray W. Johnston

Sr. Pastor, Bayside Church, Granite Bay