Friends Helping Friends Follow Christ : Core value 10 – A testimony from the CVC family

Our testimony in the financial area of our lives is probably not a whole lot different than many others, except that it took us a very long time to turn this area of our lives over to Christ.

Neither Karen nor I were raised in households that spent much time or energy in learning about handling personal finances. Because of that, along with the notion that “to live in America these days you have to be in debt–everybody is,” we have struggled with being debt-free and are just now seeing a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

As we all know, financial distress within the household can lead to a bad, sad, uncomfortable, or even a destroyed marriage, but Karen and I believe the Lord’s plan for us was to get to a point where we realized we could not solve our problems alone and needed His guidance.

We were reminded that God works in wonderful ways and in his time. After turning the financial area of our lives over to him and totally committing to His Word, we were able to build a plan that we agreed on together and began implementing it in our daily lives.

We still wonder why it took so long to just say, “God, take this burden off of us and help us to be proper stewards of Your money. Help us stay strong, knowing that since it is Yours anyway, You will meet our daily needs.”

Since becoming involved with the Good $ense ministry, we have learned how to create a financial budget for the family, which has enabled us to stay on track with our goals and remain steadfast in achieving the end result that we want. We have been able to pay down our debt, create a long-term savings plan, tithe, and teach our children the principles of tithing and saving. Our “wants” have changed from impulse buying to prayerfully determining if what we desire would be honoring to God.

The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter by the day, especially when we reflect on where we started and where we are today! With discipline and prayer, we are able to honor God’s desire for the way we live in the financial arena of our lives.

Dennis Fox

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