Friends Helping Friends Follow Christ : Core Value 3 – A testimony from the CVC Family

The Performing Arts Ministry has deepened my relationship with Christ. He has freed me from the condemnation of the “worldly” view of dance as not belonging in “proper” church worship. It is being brought back to its rightful place, bringing glory and honor to God!

Performing Arts have a way of delivering the gospel in a non-threatening way, and it can continue to minister even after it is finished: to visually see God being honored can stay in your mind forever. When I realized this, it brought me to a new place in my walk with Christ. Using one’s whole self to worship and sharing His power is an awesome privilege, one that can change lives forever. You are no longer working selfishly but selflessly, increasing the Kingdom of God.

I have also been given new eyes to see the difference between performing and worshipping. The heart behind the production is what touches others. This is what I strive for with all the dancers: heart-checks.

Why are we dancing? For whom are we dancing? Is this honoring our Lord and Savior?

I now pray more and realize that all that I do is a gift and a blessing that I treasure. He has given me this gift, and I must use it to the best of my ability.

believe that the Performing Arts should strive to be presented in excellence to the community because we are representing the Lord. I believe that CVC is breaking the “worldly” view that a community church is unable to perform and worship with excellence. My prayer is that we will continue to give our church family and the community worship and performances from the heart.

Cassie Brockway

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