Friends Helping Friends Follow Christ : Core Value 6 – A testimony from the CVC family

When I came to the Carson Valley, I knew it was a growing season for me. I had a personal relationship with our Lord, but I knew it wasn’t enough. I longed for a deeper commitment to His Word. When I found Carson Valley Christian Center, I was immediately drawn toward the people in the church family. They had something I knew I had to have. I couldn’t say exactly what it was that they had, but I knew it existed and that I had to have it too.

A short time later, I attended Pastor John’s Discovery 101 class. I heard him use the phrase Friends Helping Friends Follow Christ. I immediately realized what it was that the church family had: they had a commitment to helping people find Christ. They cared! I felt I had been selfish. I hadn’t really encouraged others to find Christ. If an inviting, “comfortable” situation came along, I would agree or confirm my faith. I was hesitant to share my belief with non-believers or those of other religious beliefs. I chose to stay in my “comfort zone.” After all, I didn’t want to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable. I was also afraid of embarrassing myself. I had not attended a Christian college and was not very good at verse memorization. I felt that I should leave the sharing or teaching to those with more experience. Then I envisioned all of the people I had come to know over the years that didn’t know Christ. I thought of the possibility that they would be spending an eternity without Christ. I thought of the pain, the suffering, the emptiness, and the sadness they would have for eternity. I was ashamed that I hadn’t been bold enough to step out of my comfort zone. I hadn’t obeyed God’s Holy Word.

I realized that if I wanted to grow in my relationship with him, I needed to obey and serve him. I made a commitment to share my faith and help others to find Christ. Feeling extremely unworthy and incompetent, I gave the matter over to the Lord. I prayed that I would be a useful tool in his ministry. It was amazing! The Lord put people and circumstances in my life that allowed me to serve him, and at the same time, I was growing too. I learned to share my faith and grew more knowledgeable in His Word. I began to feel a closeness to my Lord that I had not experienced before. This was the beginning of a new obsession for me. The closeness to my Lord and the ability to lovingly serve Him is something I never want to lose. I feel that I am now living my life’s purpose and am truly blessed by God.

D.J. Bratsch

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