Friends Helping Friends Follow Christ : Core Value 7 – A testimony from the CVC family

As I read my Bible through a study of spiritual gifts, there was a verse that really spoke to me:

But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the profit of all.(1 Corinthians 12:7,NIV)

It seemed to me that the Bible is clear that everyone who is a Christian has received a spiritual gift. To deny that would be to call the Lord a liar. If God says that something is true and we don’t believe Him or deny that to be true for us, then we have stepped into a place where we ought not to be. So, if I have been given a gift, I should figure out what it is that I have been given. After all, on Christmas morning, I still rise early in anticipation of the presents under the tree.

My dad lived out being a servant in front of me. He was a Sunday School teacher for several years, and he was a man that never sought to be in the spotlight but quietly served others.

Realizing that Jesus taught being a servant as one of His core values and wanting to emulate His life in mine, I understood that being a servant in His kingdom was not a choice but really a commandment that could not be ignored or neglected. The question became where and how not should.

Since that time, when I really understood the gift and the application and the blessings that followed, I have found unparalleled joy in serving. I truly enjoy the feeling when I see someone who has been served as they receive my gift to them and understands that nothing in return is expected. No strings attached. God called, I answered and He tells me “well done.” Nothing could possibly be better.

Dwight Langdon

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