Other Things I do…

I am the President of William Jessup University. I am a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, leader. I help people leverage their leadership gifts and callings to maximize their cultural impact.
I regularly teach in churches on weekends, am a regional leader in Sacramento County and I write for a variety of publications. I have written 8 books and a bunch of articles. I also consult and do Executive Coaching on a very selected basis.
Can I see your teaching?

I thought you’d never ask! Here is my YouTube Channel, arranged for Biblical Books, Spiritual Growth, Special Occasions, and when I was the Pastor at LifePoint Church in NV. Check it out here:


Where can I learn more about your books?

Again, thought you’d never ask! You are good at this. Here is a site that has all my books featured. My books are about Leadership, Relationships, and Spiritual Growth:


So, if I wanted to connect with you, how does that work?

First thing you can is connect through my speaking agency at: leadershipspeakers.agency

Second thing you can do is connect with me via email at john@drjohnjackson

John Jackson is a gift—in his words, insights, teachings, and strategies. This book will help  you set yourself or your child for next level success in life.

Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See

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