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From the Foreword by John Maxwell:
Strategic thinking can change your life. In fact, in my book, Thinking for a Change (Warner Business Books)I write that “strategic thinking simplifies the difficult and prepares you for an uncertain tomorrow.”  And there is no other place on earth where strategic thinking is more needed and perhaps less applied than the local church.  It is a place that faces some of life’s most difficult challenges, often filled with people facing uncertain tomorrows.
Pastors across the land are overwhelmed, discouraged, and frustrated.  But if they would embrace strategic thinking it would better prepare them for the uncertainties that lie ahead.  It would allow them to be more effective in their ministry.  Strategic thinking is a different way of thinking.  It doesn’t always come naturally.  And although it might be frightening for some to step out into the unknown, in my experience such a step is worth the risk.
My love for strategic thinking is a big part of the reason I’m recommending, PastorPreneur:  Pastors and Entrepreneurs Answer the Call’  In this book, my friend, John Jackson, shares with passion the philosophy of ministry he’s developed at one of the emerging churches in the American West, Carson Valley Christian Center.  John planted the church in 1998 and has seen it grow to a thriving congregation of over 2,000 in less than five years.
John’s a strategic thinker.  He’s a visionary.  But he knows that reaching others for Christ is not his vision alone.  In the past few years he’s also become a great empowerer to others in the ministry.  John believes in partnerships and alliances, and he loves working with others.  He’s not been afraid to ask others to take the journey with him.  The result?  Thousands are taking that journey today that weren’t just a half decade ago. Carson Valley Christian Center is succeeding due to a focused vision coupled with strategic thinking.
If you’re thinking your way through developing a new church or being an agent for change in your present ministry, PastorPreneur is worth reading.  John Jackson knows what he’s talking about because he’s lived it.  For John and the people at Carson Valley Christian Center, changed thinking has been worth the risk.  I know it will be for you too!
John C. Maxwell, Founder – The INJOY Group

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