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Available in Small Quantity at Amazon: If you would like to purchase a quantity for your church or ministry, please contact me at What Others Are Saying: The Body of Christ so desperately needs to learn how to influence society in such a way that people are drawn to us. We have the answers to…

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Available in Small Quantity at Amazon:

If you would like to purchase a quantity for your church or ministry, please contact me at

What Others Are Saying:

The Body of Christ so desperately needs to learn how to influence society in such a way that people are drawn to us. We have the answers to the world’s problems but have been fumbling our God-given assignment. It is not time for us to cower in the corner of adversity; it is time for us to shine! This is our greatest moment.

That’s why I’m eager for you to read Dr. John Jackson’s new book, The Prevailing Church. His compelling words will remind you that Jesus created us to be the salt and light of the world, to transform the culture around us, and to change the world!

John Jackson is a father in the Lord who relentlessly pursues the Kingdom, and exudes wisdom and grace. He simply and practically breaks down keys and concepts that will embolden you to become a catalyst to bring the Kingdom and cultural transformation wherever you go!

As Dr. Jackson puts it, “Our world is desperately in need of the light and life of the gospel. We have the opportunity to demonstrate that light and life by the way we love and live engaged in culture, not isolated from it.” I couldn’t agree more and am thankful for this timely and crucial book; I highly recommend it. -Kris Vallotton  Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA. Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Author of thirteen books, including The Supernatural Ways of RoyaltyHeavy Rain and Spiritual Intelligence

My friend and colleague Dr. John Jackson is sounding a clarion call at a most opportune time in history for the people of God, the Ekklesia. His call for the Church in America to live engaged in culture and not isolated from it is compelling and leads us to consider the question, “How shall we then live?” that he answers so brilliantly using the story of David and Goliath. Given Dr. Jackson’s credentials as a renowned scholar coupled with his lifelong  experience as a leader and pastor to pastors it is no surprise that The Prevailing Church is a scholarly work, but also extremely practical and inspirational as you live your life for Kingdom impact that will lead to the transformation of cities and nations and  ultimately the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Definitely this a must read book!  -Dr. Ed Silvoso, Founder, Transform Our World, Author, Ekklesia: Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation

John Jackson issues a powerful call to spiritual awakening and revival. We have everything we need to become the church we’re meant to be, but to get there, we’ll need to let go of much of what we’re holding onto. Jackson gives us concise, practical steps to become the church we all long for. This is a gift to the body of Christ for today.— Margaret Feinberg, author of More Power To You

“It’s no secret that 2020 was a year of revelation and apocalypse, meaning a year in which hard truths were uncovered and exposed worldwide—especially here in America. One of these truths is that the church has fallen into serious spiritual sickness, so much so that it’s almost unrecognizable from what Christ first called us to be. Instead of shying away from this truth, Prevailing Church does the hard work of facing it head-on in order to heal and restore who we were always meant to be. What’s more, it offers us readers ways to face these truths so that we might repent and throw down the giants of our own cultural creation. The Prevailing Church is a welcome and necessary message of hope, truth, and transparency for these times and a light at the end of the tunnel.: — Albert Tate, Fellowship Church

Churches are going through a time of sifting—as Peter and the disciples had been during Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. Sifting is all about the faith—what the faith is, who the faith is in, and how the faith is applied. And we are learning all over again about true authentic Christian faith. Thanks to John Jackson, Prevailing Church points Christians in the right direction in understanding authentic Christianity. Read with a soft heart and an open mind. –Ed Stetzer, Wheaton College 

“What the world needs most, Chuck Colson used to say is for the church to be the church. This book not only clarifies what that looks like, but also deftly describes five key things currently crippling our witness and influence. In it all, we are given a way forward, a vision for what could be. May it be so.” -John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center 

“I’ve known Dr. John Jackson for over 25 years and seldom have I met anyone more committed to the ministry and vision of the local church.  John is a local church maniac in all the best ways. His latest book is a bold call to Jesus followers to re-examine, rethink, and renew the kind of impact that is possible through local churches of Jesus Christ all over the globe. Prepare to be stretched and dream big.” -Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church. Anaheim, CA

“This book is past due for the Church and our call to help shape culture. Dr. Jackson offers clear, compelling, and practical advice on how the Church is to be the transformational force can be. The chapter on the five giants that shape culture could stand alone as a book worth purchasing. Read this today, but only if you’re ready to be called to a challenge from Jesus.” -William Vanderbloemen, Founder and CEO. Vanderbloemen Search Group

In The Prevailing Church, John Jackson champions the idea that the people of God should be actively engaged in the world to make it possible for people to experience life as God intends (the Kingdom). His call for the church to come out of hiding and demonstrate the kingdom is a welcome and compelling message. The stones you carry in your own bag may or may not match John’s, but his assertion that we are called to be viral kingdom agents should make us assess what we can do to reclaim what hell has stolen.   — Reggie McNeal, author Kingdom Come and Kingdom Collaborators

“I have been a fan of John Jackson for many years now. His intensity for the church to be all she was meant to be inspires me to no end, particularly in these difficult days. If this vision is to happen, we have some big giants to face. John calls them out without holding back and tells us how to slay them. I have my slingshot in hand and five smooth stones ready for battle. I pray for you to join the cause” -Randy Frazee, Pastor and author of His Mighty Strength

With the passion of a God-fearing willing prophet, Dr. John Jackson speaks the mind of God to the church of God.  This is a heartfelt cry and wake-up call to the church.  The Prevailing Church is a clear and concise revelation of where the church is and where the church should be.  John calls us to awake out of sleep and to run and meet our giants head-on.  Thanks, John for being the friend of God and for being our friend by telling us the truth. —Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, Founding and Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House Intl Ministries and CEO of Kingdom Plaza Mall.

John Jackson has brought together his years of experience as a Christian leader and his thoughtful and insightful understanding of both Scripture and culture to call the church to renewed faithfulness. Five Smooth Stones: The Prevailing Church Rises Up offers a visionary exhortation along with insightful guidance for followers of Jesus Christ in their personal witness and cultural engagement. I am happy to recommend this readable book and trust that it will receive a wide circulation among various sectors of the Christian community. -David S. Dockery, President, International Alliance for Christian Education

John Jackson is a lover of the family, the church, and the world. The Prevailing Church is a call for the church to recover its mission in the world and make disciples of Jesus. Transformation is at the heart of the Gospel, and John hits at the heart with this book. — Dr. Jim Garlow, CEO, Well Versed

God has always intended for the church to bring His kingdom from heaven to earth. I’m thankful for Dr. Jackson’s unswerving devotion to the body of Christ and for writing this important manifesto. May a pure and powerful church emerge from the ruins. Pastor Brady Boyd, New Life Church, Author of Extravagant

“President Jackson has written a cry of the heart to stir the faith community to action. As a pastor and educational leader, he boldly calls out our errors while also loving God’s church. This book is from one of God’s shepherds to encourage and help His sheep.” –John Mark N. Reynolds, President, The Saint Constantine School

The church was never meant to be the prey of culture. God designed the church to be the aggressor. Dr. Jackson does a great job of calling the church from retreating to advancing. It’s time to kill the giant! —Pastor Greg Fairrington, Founding & Senior Pastor, Destiny Church 

This is a must-read book for the times we are in, seemingly, as the church is in retreat. The enemy is working hard to erode the impact of the church in the world today. He’s using current events to bring fear, division, and every other evil work, but it’s time for us to rise up for the Kingdom of God to be salt and light in the world! This is a defining moment for the church, and Dr. Jackson’s book will empower you to stand up and step out in the authority God has given you. I declare, as you read this book, it will cause you to be more bold, more courageous, and more compassionate about making a difference in our culture today. -Dr. Phillip Goudeaux, Pastor of Calvary Christian Center

My friend and brilliant cultural observer, Dr. John Jackson, has packed into this little book how our culture can be lifted out of its death spiral. He tells us that it is not too late, but it will take some clear-eyed examination of our individual and corporate behavior. His prescription is for churches in every county in the United States to become prevailing churches, rather than pandering social clubs. His words are strong but accurate prescriptions for the church to embrace its fivefold ministry. If the church is going to be salt and light in our current day, the truths of Dr. Jackson’s analysis must reach the church and its leaders. He calls the church to speak out and make positive changes on the five death-injecting elements in our society.   — Dr. Gil Stieglitz, pastor and author of Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage and Wise Parenting

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