Leadership in Bite Sizes

            Effective Leaders are learners.  Many years ago, I wrote what I had been learning about leadership; hopefully they can be of encouragement to you as you think about the leadership role that God in which God has allowed you to serve: Leaders are learners…Those who are not are not leaders for long…. We liveContinue reading “Leadership in Bite Sizes”

Timely Words for Leaders: Reveal, Reset, Reentry, Revival

Full disclosure here.  Ever since the COVID-19 crisis has been brewing, I have been praying not just to “flatten the curve” but for the Strong Name of Jesus to #breakthecurve.  I believe the curve and the coronavirus will be defeated and that this is the Church and Christian ministries finest hour.  And, that also hasContinue reading “Timely Words for Leaders: Reveal, Reset, Reentry, Revival”

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