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Pastorpreneur and Creative Risk Taker for the Kingdom of God


I’ve spoken in front of groups as large as 7500 people and regularly speak in church, business, and community settings.  Presentations related to leadership, business strategy and ministry development are at the core of who I am and am blessed to be able to speak into these topics as a organization president, entrepreneur, pastor and dad.


I have worked with senior and executive leadership teams in large, mid-size, and small organizations. I am strategic, analytical thinking with a bias towards good execution and measurable results. I engage quickly and help self starting leaders move towards their life purposes and organizations become great at what they do.


I have written and authored eight books on leadership, cultural change, and spiritual formation. I believe everyone can be a leader and enjoy writing on how each of us can use our influence to change culture, develop trust and uncover the full potential of our individual leadership styles.

When people ask me what I'm passionate about it really comes down to developing lives that are pleasing to God. Sure, I'm passionate about culture and how we can build thriving ecosystems that explore focus, creativity and simplicity in their development. But, at the heart of it all, it's about helping people find out who God says they are.

Articles & Posts

13Jun 20

Reparenting and Ronald Reagan

Every once in a while, I'll use the phrase "re-parenting".  I think of that when I meet someone who has had a really rough time in life and, most of the time by their own admission, could use some "re-parenting" to help learn basic relationship and life skills.  When President Reagan died, I thought…

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13Jun 20

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Jessup

William Jessup University is a covenant community for Christ-centered higher education. We believe that our calling is to live and model what Jesus intends for us as the Kingdom of God people we are in the midst of the everyday realities of life. Scripture tells us in Ephesians 4:3 that we have to “make…

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03Jun 20

When Words are not enough…

I wrote this to our William Jessup University Community ( this past week as we grapple with the pain of these hours: Dear Jessup Community, Words are not our first priority right now.  Love is.  Compassion is.  Understanding is.  Like you, my emotions and thoughts have been jumbled these last many months with the…

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02May 20

Exciting News for Summer & Fall 2020 from William Jessup University

William Jessup University is excited to see the many lives being transformed across all of our student populations.  Campus-based and distributed options are flourishing at Jessup, even as we navigate the wind-down of the spring semester during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Jessup faculty and staff community have been heroic in their efforts and impact…

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30Apr 20

An Open Letter to Governor Newsom and CA County Leaders

Churches and Counties Working Together for Public Health COVID-19 has changed so much.  But, the best of our lives have not changed.   We are strong and a resilient people and heroes are emerging from our midst every day.  We personally want to thank Governor Newsom for his steady leadership during this crisis.  Further,…

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