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Grace Distributed

Grace Distributed Church is centered around grace, empowerment, and creating an impact in the community.

Dr. John Jackson: Author, Speaker & Pastorpreneur

Dr. John Jackson has led Jessup University to dramatic growth and increasing influence since 2011. With over 4 decades of proven church and organizational experience, John is a gifted teacher and leader with leadership, speaking, and written resources that have impacted countless individuals, families, and organizations. John has a passion to see personal, organizational, and cultural transformation for the glory of God and to that end has written nine books on leadership and spiritual formation. In all of leadership, speaking, and writing, it is John’s desire for you to experience 3 things:

experience an encounter

Experience & Encounter

… a Loving God, a Forgiving Savior, an Empowering Holy Spirit

Get Equipped

… with a Biblical Worldview, your Foundational Identity, and your Unique Gifts


Get Engaged

… in a Loving Family with a Redemptive Presence in Culture as a Grace Ambassador

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Resources to Equip Your Ministry, Family and Business

I’ve written a number of resources over the years, all designed to help you personally and the teams you work with, to be more effective in life and leadership. You will find resources here to help support your spiritual growth, your self-understandings, and your ability to lead others in your family and business.

Grace Ambassador

Grace Ambassador: Bringing Heaven to Earth

grace ambassador book

It’s time to become a heavenly ambassador that shares the grace you’ve been given with a world aching for transformation.

More of Dr. John Jackson’s Recent Books

The Prevailing Church: Confronting the Five Giants of Culture

the prevailing church

By engaging the five greatest giants of culture in our day, the prevailing church of Jesus Christ will indeed defeat them, just as David conquered the mighty Goliath with only a slingshot and five smooth stones.

The Right Choice: Choosing a College and Why it Matters

the right choice book

Picking a college that is right for you is one of life’s biggest decisions. How do you make the right choice? This little book is a great book for high schoolers and students grappling with their dreams and desires.

john maxwell testimonial

“John’s a strategic thinker. He’s a visionary. Pastorpreneur is worth reading. John Jackson knows what he’s talking about because he’s lived it.”

John Maxwell
Founder of Injoy Group

kris vallotton testimonial

“John Jackson is a father in the Lord who relentlessly pursues the kingdom and exudes wisdom and grace.”

Kris Vallotton
Senior Associate, Bethel Church

albert tate testimonial

“He has a way of reintroducing you to ancient words and you experience them as if it were the first time. As you read Grace Ambassador, prepare to meet grace and experience the kingdom in a fresh and new way.”

Albert Tate
Pastor, Fellowship Church

dr john jackson at jessup

“John Jackson is a gift – in his words, insights, teachings, and strategies.”

Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See

gabrielle bosche testimonial

“Dr John Jackson is the leading voice for Christians of impact ready to use their Purpose. His insight and work continue to inspire and equip leaders of all ages to get involved in changing the Culture.”

Gabrielle Bosché
Co-Founder and CEO, The Purpose Company

bishop vaughn testimonial

“With the passion of a God-fearing and willing prophet, Dr. John Jackson speaks the mind of God to the church of God.”

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin
Pastor, The Potters House

gene appel testimonial

“I’ve known Dr. John Jackson for over twenty-five years and seldom have I met anyone more committed to the ministry and vision of the local church.”

Gene Appel
Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church

“When people ask me what I’m passionate about, it really comes down to developing lives that are pleasing to God. Sure, I’m passionate about culture and how we can build thriving ecosystems that explore focus, creativity and simplicity in their development. But, at the heart of it all, it’s about helping people find out who God says they are.”

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