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Pastorpreneur and Creative Risk Taker for the Kingdom of God


I’ve spoken in front of groups as large as 7500 people and regularly speak in church, business, and community settings.  Presentations related to leadership, business strategy and ministry development are at the core of who I am and am blessed to be able to speak into these topics as a organization president, entrepreneur, pastor and dad.


I have worked with senior and executive leadership teams in large, mid-size, and small organizations. I am strategic, analytical thinking with a bias towards good execution and measurable results. I engage quickly and help self starting leaders move towards their life purposes and organizations become great at what they do.


I have written and authored eight books on leadership, cultural change, and spiritual formation. I believe everyone can be a leader and enjoy writing on how each of us can use our influence to change culture, develop trust and uncover the full potential of our individual leadership styles.

When people ask me what I'm passionate about it really comes down to developing lives that are pleasing to God. Sure, I'm passionate about culture and how we can build thriving ecosystems that explore focus, creativity and simplicity in their development. But, at the heart of it all, it's about helping people find out who God says they are.

Articles & Posts

14Nov 20

Organizational Types & Synergy

There are many different types of organizations, all with various structures and missions. In each of those organizations, there is a desire for achieving synergy. Let's first talk about what synergy is: Synergy is when the total energy in a system is increased because of alignment.  When synergy happens, energy goes exponential.  Synergy is…

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13Nov 20

“Live Like Jesus Did”(LLJD)

Take the First Step... I want to help people who are followers of Jesus Christ to  “Take the Next Step”.  You have heard the phrase “WWJD”(or “What would Jesus Do?”). I’d like to help us to move from asking a question to taking the next step and LLJD: ”Live Like Jesus Did”.  This booklet…

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12Nov 20

“How Do I Make My Holidays Holy-Days?”

           From the archives. I wrote this article many years ago, but I think it still resonates, even in the midst of our discontinuous time... You know they’re coming.  You can feel it just as certain as the slight chill you sense each fall morning.  And when they come, you hope you’ll be able to…

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31Oct 20

Twitter Wisdom..Part 5

I closed my Twitter account. But here are some thoughts that I have saved for further reflection: I'm no expert...but strong border security, respect for the rule of law (which means enforcement), and broad and generous legal immigration steps are an important part of where we must go. Regularizing the millions already here without…

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