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Pastorpreneur and Creative Risk Taker for the Kingdom of God


I’ve spoken in front of groups as large as 7500 people and regularly speak in church, business, and community settings.  Presentations related to leadership, business strategy and ministry development are at the core of who I am and am blessed to be able to speak into these topics as a organization president, entrepreneur, pastor and dad.


I have worked with senior and executive leadership teams in large, mid-size, and small organizations. I am strategic, analytical thinking with a bias towards good execution and measurable results. I engage quickly and help self starting leaders move towards their life purposes and organizations become great at what they do.


I have written and authored eight books on leadership, cultural change, and spiritual formation. I believe everyone can be a leader and enjoy writing on how each of us can use our influence to change culture, develop trust and uncover the full potential of our individual leadership styles.

When people ask me what I'm passionate about it really comes down to developing lives that are pleasing to God. Sure, I'm passionate about culture and how we can build thriving ecosystems that explore focus, creativity and simplicity in their development. But, at the heart of it all, it's about helping people find out who God says they are.

Articles & Posts

19Jan 23

This I believe (Personal Credo)

Credo (I Believe) (02/16) © Dr. John Jackson Prologue: During a time of recent reflection, I made 3 observations about my theological belief process:  1) Over the course of my life, I have focused (albeit perhaps unknowingly) on the macro, the organizational and the cultural implications of belief generally rather than the singular, personal,…

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01Jul 22

The Prevailing Church

The Prevailing Church:  Confronting the Giants of Culture © Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University In the fall of 2020, I was increasingly burdened by the condition of our culture; the combination of the covid-19 impacts, social unrest, political upheaval, and economic uncertainty had combined to create a tidal wave of disequilibrium…

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08May 22

The Presence Filled Life

The Presence Filled Life why being WITH God is better than working FOR Him Dr. John and Pamela Jackson © 2014 I love Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church.  Pastor Rick and Saddleback have shaped my life in many wonderful ways and the fruit of their impact has been really good.  I loved the…

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20Apr 22

A Second Reformation Declaration

These are times that provide the opportunity for family and church and community to experience the presence of God in new dimensions of faith and encounter. The people of God assembled together in communities of faith for worship, teaching, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism are a powerful manifestation of His life in community. Now, as…

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14Feb 22

Helps for College Students to Finish Strong

© Dr. John Jackson President, William Jessup University (             When life is seemingly in chaos, how do we maintain our equilibrium and navigate towards a healthy future?  As the President of William Jessup University, I think about that a lot, particularly for our traditional age (18-25) students.  When I meet young first year…

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