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Pastorpreneur and Creative Risk Taker for the Kingdom of God

God Size Your Church

This how-to for church growth outlines principles of growth for all sizes of congregations, while emphasizing that church growth is not about numbers, but about fulfilling God’s vision for your church’s impact on the world. What is church growth about if it isn’t about numbers? It’s about impact! Using his own experience as founding pastor of LifePoint Church in Minden, Nevada, pastor John Jackson helps pastors and lay leaders increase the impact of their congregations for their communities and the Kingdom of God. Jackson urges readers to dream God-sized dreams, offering practical advice for building community and transforming leadership.

Leveraging Your Communication Style

Ever try to explain something to a person who doesn’t understand your language? You can talk louder, but it won’t help! The same is true of communicating with someone of a different communication style–we must change our approach if our message is to be understood. Consider this book your dictionary for deciphering such communication gaps as:

Why does my project manager give me so much more detail than I need?
Why does my uncle take everything so personally?
Why does this person buy into my presentation when that one doesn’t?

Leveraging Your Leadership Style

This is not your typical leadership book! Leveraging Your Leadership Style takes the guesswork out of the equation and offers concrete solutions to obtain greater results and success. Want to awaken the hidden leader within? Ready to increase your influence and be the leader you were intended to be? Then discover your unique leadership style in this dynamic, fast yet informative book. Maximize your strengths and become more effective in whatever you do, no matter what the role. Seize this opportunity to transform your leadership style and take people where they might never dared go left to their own devices!

High Impact Church Planting

For people planting churches and/or pastors wanting to see real growth in their churches and communities — this book will teach you the definition of a High Impact church, why high impact churches are needed in every community in America, the 4 key characteristics of a High Impact church ad 11 steps to starting a High Impact church. “John Jackson in on the cutting edge of inventing the new paradigm for church planting … learning from John should be at the top of the priority list for any leader who plans to plant a ‘high impact’ church.” Dr. Conrad Lowe, Coaching and Denominational Partnerships, INJOY Group

Finding Your Place

Uncover your unique spiritual gifts to discover the special role you play in God’s plan! By focusing on your passion, gifts, and personal style, Pastor John Jackson will help you explore how your unique set of spiritual gifts makes you perfect for serving God and the world. You will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery, discerning not only your gifts and how to use them but also the significance of those gifts for God’s plan.

30 Days to Healthier Relationships

Human relationships are complex, multi-faceted, and prone to disease and discomfort. In this book, the author identifies four specific behaviors that will make relationships healthier. Not only does the author identify the issues, he provide a daily devotional experience to insure that the concept is deeply rooted in the heart of the readers. Small group resources are also included to make this resource particularly valuable for personal and community use.

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