Month: January 2023

  • Created to Create the Future

    I’m a leadership guy so I’m always looking ahead to the future. Dr. John Richardson said when it came to the future; there were 3 types of people: “Those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened”. In a world as fast changing as ours, it is tempting…

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  • The Evangelical Church: Changed Lives Are our Business

    At one level the notion that churches exist to change lives seems self evident. The church, by definition, is the gathering of the “called out” ones. We are the people who have responded to God’s call in our lives. Committed evangelicals realize that ultimate change in the lives of people only occurs with the new…

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  • Breaking Through Your Growth Barriers

    Athletes often describe hitting a “wall” of performance. It is a barrier where no apparent amount of effort appears able to push through the pain of the moment. Athletes who hit such a barrier either surrender to it, or they devise new understandings of the mind and disciplines of the body to help break through…

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