Dr John Jackson: Pastorpreneur

Dr. John Jackson is a Pastorpreneur.  He is a creative dreamer, willing to take great risks for the Kingdom of God.  John is a strategic and analytical leader with demonstrated expertise and passion for personal, organizational, and cultural transformation.

For almost 40 years, John has served in a variety of leadership roles, including as a staff member, senior pastor of a historic church, denominational leader, church planter and founding pastor of a mega church, senior leader in a mega church movement, and President of one of the fastest growing colleges in the country.  John speaks and consults in church, business, educational, and political settings across the nation and writes on leadership, spiritual life, and cultural transformation.  John has a broad network and can obtain referrals from across multiple platforms and streams.  Dr. Jackson is an apostolic and teaching leader in the Body of Christ.

Dr. Jackson is a strategic, analytical, catalytic leader and an effective communicator.  Since being at William Jessup University since 2011, the University has tripled in size and has received multiple national recognitions, including a top ranking by US News & World Report and in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  John previously served as a senior leader at Bayside Church, helping launch a multi-site movement and Thriving Churches International, a national ministry serving church leaders.  John and his family established LifePoint Church (formerly Carson Valley Christian Center) in Northern NV in 1997 with a public launch in 1998.  The church became the largest church within 40 miles, reaching 5% of the surrounding population on key weekends, and seeing over 1,000 baptisms in 12 years.  Previously, John served in senior leadership roles in Transformation Ministries (formerly ABCPSW), with Oxnard First Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Buena Park.

Dr. Jackson is married to Pamela and they make their home in Rocklin, CA.  They have 5 children, 3 sons in laws, 3 granddaughters, and a dog named Max.

Dr. Jackson is the author of 9 books:

  • High Impact Church Planting (Amazon, 2000).
  • Pastorpreneur (Baxter Press-2003, Abingdon-2009, Biblica-2011, IVP-2012)
  • Finding Your Place in God’s Plan (Abingdon-2009, Biblica-2011, IVP-2012)
  • God-Size Your Church (Abingdon-2008, Biblica-2011, IVP-2012)
  • Leveraging Your Leadership Style (Abingdon-2008, Biblica-2011, Jessup Press-2013)
  • Leveraging Your Communication Style (Abingdon-2008, Biblica-2011, Jessup Press-2013)
  • 30 Days to Healthier Relationship (2019, Kindle Only)
  • The Right Choice (Jessup Press, 2019)
  • The Prevailing Church (Jessup Press, 2020)

Summary Descriptions of the Titles are Provided below…

“The Prevailing Church:  Five Smooth Stones for Cultural Transformation”

© Dr. John Jackson, President of William Jessup University

The return of Jesus to planet earth, first as a babe in the manger, and second as a conquering king, is the greatest rescue story ever told. Jesus came to save, heal, and deliver from darkness and oppression those who have been captured by the enemy of their souls.

Sadly, many of us in church have been content to withdraw from society because of deficient theological views.  My Bible tells me that the gospel is transformative for people, families, and communities.  Martin Luther said, “A gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not a gospel at all.”

I believe the Lord is calling His people to contend for these policies in our culture, against the “giants” of our day:

5 Smooth Stones for the Church in Culture:

Biblical and Constitutional Foundations…we are committed to Biblical authority in life and view our Constitution as a stewardship trust so that we can see our nation bring glory to God through our national character

Life…we are committed to treating all human life as precious and made in the image of God.  We honor life in the womb and outside the womb until natural death

Religious Liberty…we are committed to religious liberty and believe that a socialist economic and political system is the greatest natural threat to religious liberty around the world

Biblical Justice…we are committed to a Biblical experience of racial unity, justice, and application of a Biblical experience full of grace and truth to reforming our healthcare, immigration, and criminal justice systems.

Family and Gender…we are committed to Biblical views of gender, sexuality, marriage, and family where parents have the right and responsibility to protect children from harmful decisions and inputs.

So, what should you do?  How can you as an individual believer get involved in these critical areas of need.  Here is a quick “action list” for you:

  1. Pray! 2 Chronicles 7:14 is in the Scripture for a reason.  Claim that promise and press in to the heart of the Father
  2. Study. Dive deeper into 1-2 of the key issues of our day that are on your heart.  Groups like Family Research Council (https://www.frc.org/), Heritage Foundation (https://www.heritage.org/), Alliance Defending Freedom (adflegal.org) and Pacific Justice Institute (www.pji.org) all provide amazing and in-depth resources for your study and they will link to other articles and information
  3. Engage in your local community through elected bodies. Build relationships and let your voice be heard!  Check out theamericancouncil.org for tools that will automatically help you track issues and communicate with state and federal legislators.
  4. Connect with believers in your local church community; you are not alone!
  5. Give to Christ honoring causes.

God has always called His people to prevail.  I am believing for a prevailing church. On the authority of the words of Jesus and in the power of His resurrection, I am declaring that the era of a passive, weak, disengaged, fear-filled church is over.

The Right Choice:  Choosing A College and Why it Matters

Choosing a College is one of life’s biggest decisions, perhaps second only to marriage in human terms. How do you make the right choice? This little book has a big impact on readers who are grappling with their dreams, desires, and details. Dr. Jackson is a college president, pastor, and parent of 5 children. He has walked hundreds of families through this decision matrix and provides helpful tips for students, family members, and friends who will take this journey together. The Right Choice gives you data, decision points, and details to help shape this decision and provides a framework for making a host of other “right choices”.


“Honest. Practical. Immediately useful. The Right Choice is my choice for inspiring my college-bound triplet teenage grandchildren to think deeper and wider about their college options. The “Decision Matrix” (Dreams, Desires, Details) is brilliant!” – John Pearson, Board Governance & Management Consultant, John Pearson Associates, Inc.

“Given his 40 years of pastoral experience, and almost a decade of serving as a Christian College president, John Jackson is the kind of man that any soon-to-be-college-attendee would greatly benefit from knowing. In his new book, The Right Choice, John distills his wealth of experience into practical knowledge and fatherly wisdom that will bring great peace to anyone who is in the process of making the big decision of where to gain their college education. In these pages, which read like a conversation with a trusted mentor, John will guide you through actionable steps to make this choice, and any future life decisions, with confidence, clarity and courage!” – Kris Vallotton, Leader, Bethel Church, Redding, CA, Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Author of twelve books, including The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Heavy Rain and Poverty, Riches and Wealth

“John Jackson understands leadership and he understands higher education, he understands the church and he understands the pulse of the rising generation. If you are a parent of a high school student who is grappling with what kind of college to attend, or you ARE that student, you will have a lot to gain by adding THE RIGHT CHOICE to your must reads.” – Barry H. Corey, President of Biola University and author of Love Kindness: Discover the Power of a Forgotten Christian Virtue

“John Jackson is a gift—in his words, insights, teachings, and strategies. This book will help  you set yourself or your child for next level success in life.” – Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See

“The importance of the right college education cannot be understated. As many of us have experienced, choosing a college can be a life-changing choice and John’s insightful book will certainly help you make wise and informed choices when it comes to the best possible college education. His decision matrix is memorable and easy to follow and his advice is practical and essential for those navigating the overwhelming details of a good college experience and outcome.” – Ed Stetzer, Wheaton College

“This book is full of wisdom and practical advice for anyone facing tough decisions. I am grateful for Dr. Jackson sharing these valuable lessons in a conversational way. This book is like speaking with a trusted friend.” – Brady Boyd, New Life Church, Colorado Springs Author of “Remarkable”

“I’m astonished at the lack of wisdom available to help students make one of the 5 most important decisions of their lives. John Jackson has done future generations a huge favor with this very helpful book written by one whose whole life is devoted to guiding and building into college students.” – Gene Appel, Senior Pastor.  Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA


Annotation:  A Christianity Today survey identified the most common self-described leadership weaknesses to be in strategizing, visioning, and entrepreneurial skills. But there is a tension that exists between dreaming, vision-casting, and being able to actually pull it off.

What is from God, what is from our own imaginations, how do we recognize the difference, and then what do we do with it?

In Pastorpreneur, President and Pastor John Jackson equips pastors to employ businesslike strategic planning and innovation skills to enhance their congregational leadership. Jackson’s practical strategies and grand vision will empower you to explore new methods for maximum impact on your church and community and become the church that you and God dreamed of.


“If you’re thinking your way through developing a new church or being an agent for change in your present ministry, PastorPreneur is worth reading.  John Jackson knows what he’s talking about because he’s lived it…” – From the Foreword by John Maxwell

“Strategic thinker John Jackson pastors the church he started in 1998 and grew to more than 2,000 in less than five years. His philosophy of ministry involves five key strategies: getting the attention of the community, building strategic partnerships, hosting faith-building events, mobilizing every member, and multiplying your impact. For those who are hoping to revitalize a current ministry as well as church planters, this is a good book to add to your library.” – Pastor Rick Warren’s Toolbox Review (2/18/04)

“ABC was and in many cases still is the benchmarks for success.  Attendance,Buildings and Cash were reportable items of achievement. In Pastorpreneur, my friend John Jackson encourages us to look beyond those mile-markers toward making an impact. Increase your impact footprint by applying John’s Pastorpreneurial principles”. – Dr. Samuel R. Chand (www.samchand.com)

“John Jackson’s call for boldness stirs the blood!  He challenges pastors and other leaders to follow a practical but proven pathway to make a great church.  He focuses on actions that build momentum to make a difference in people’s lives now and forever.” – Carl George, Consulting for Growth, Diamond Bar, CA

“John Jackson is a man of bold action!  You see it in his church, his family and his history of developing leaders.  In this classic book, he shows us how to told bold action that expands God’s  Kingdom!  John is one of a handful of pastors that I look to as a motivator and a mentor.” – Nelson Searcy, Lead Pastor, The Journey Church of the City, New York City and Founder,  www.ChurchLeaderInsights.com

Finding Your Place in God’s Plan

Uncover your unique spiritual gifts to discover the special role you play in God’s plan! By focusing on your passion, gifts, and personal style, Pastor John Jackson will help you explore how your unique set of spiritual gifts makes you perfect for serving God and the world. You will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery, discerning not only your gifts and how to use them but also the significance of those gifts for God’s plan.  This book contains a teaching, a daily devotional, and small group materials embedded.  Successfully used in a number of churches, this book is great for a church campaign.


“This book will challenge all believers to conform to the image of Christ in their devotional life.” STAN TOLER, best-selling author with over 3,000,000 books in print, pastor, leader, business coach, and motivational speaker

“We all have a place in the Body of Christ, and John Jackson’s book Finding Your Place in God’s Plan will help you find it. It is clear and easy to understand; a fantastic tool for an individual or for churches.” Bob Roberts Jr, Senior Pastor NorthWood Church  Author: Real-Time Connections, Transformation, and Glocalization


Leveraging Your Leadership Style
Maximize Your Influence by Discovering the Leader Within
By John Jackson and Lorraine Bossé-Smith;
Foreword by Cal Turner Jr., retired CEO of Dollar General Corporation

Understanding one’s own leadership style, the style of others, and how those styles interact will facilitate maximum leadership potential

Jackson and Bossé-Smith provide anyone in a position of leadership, whether an entrepreneur, business owner, supervisor, manager, or pastor, insight into themselves and their team members so that they may lead and guide themselves and others more effectively. Leveraging Your Leadership Style takes the guess work out of the equation and offers concrete solutions to obtain greater results and success.

  • Through stories and examples, identifies different leadership styles and how each has an impact on others
  • Enables readers to define, understand, and tap into their leadership style and explore how to apply it to their daily lives
  • Includes an exclusive behavior assessment called a Behavior Individuality Trait (BIT) that helps readers discover their unique personality style and how it affects their leadership

Readers will identify themselves as Commanders, Coaches, Counselors, or Conductors.  More important, they will learn to recognize and relate with their team members leadership styles and integrate these understandings into the way they lead and participate in teams.

Leveraging Your Communication Style
Enhance Relationships, Build Bridges, and Reduce Conflict

Effective communication is not one-size fits all.  Anyone who has ever tried to communicate with a person who doesn’t speak the same language understands this – talking louder doesn’t help!  With this valuable guidebook, authors John Jackson and Lorraine Bossé-Smith help readers identify their communication style – be it Assertive, Animated, Attentive, or Accurate – and tailor that style to communicate ideas more effectively.   Jackson and Bossé-Smith help readers to identify others’ communication styles as well, addressing such communication obstacles as:

  • Why does my project manager give me so much more detail than I need?
  • Why does my uncle take everything so personally?
  • Why does this person buy into my presentation when that one doesn’t?

Jackson and Bosse-Smith demonstrate that knowing how to make the most of one’s own unique communication style leads to better relationships with others and professional success.

“Leveraging Your Communication Style is an insightful and practical book for anyone hungry to improve how they communicate with others.” – Craig Groeschel, senior pastor, LifeChurch.tv

“If you’re interested in learning how to be a more effective communicator, Lorraine and John have captured some very important secrets.  I commend this book to you.” – Dr. Robert Wolgemuth, author of 7 Things You Better Have Nailed Down Before All Hell Breaks Loose

God Size Your Church
Maximizing Your Impact

It’s about impact, not numbers This how-to for church growth outlines principles of growth for all sizes of congregations, while emphasizing that church growth is not about numbers, but about fulfilling God’s vision for your church’s impact on the world. What is church growth about if it isn’t about numbers? It’s about impact! Using his own experience as founding pastor of LifePoint Church in Minden, Nevada, pastor John Jackson helps pastors and lay leaders increase the impact of their congregations for their communities and the Kingdom of God. Jackson urges readers to dream God-sized dreams, offering practical advice for building community and transforming leadership. With varying suggestions for different sizes of churches, Jackson shows you don’t have to be a mega church to have God-sized impact on your community.

30 Days to Healthier Relationships (Kindle edition only)

Human relationships are complex, multi-faceted, and prone to disease and discomfort. In this book, the author identifies four specific behaviors that will make relationships healthier. Not only does the author identify the issues, he provides a daily devotional experience to insure that the concept is deeply rooted in the heart of the readers. Small group resources are also included to make this resource particularly valuable for personal and community use.






Dr. John Jackson is the President of Jessup University. He’s the author of 10 books, the most recent being “Grace Ambassador”. He’s a transformative leader, committed to equipping believers and fostering change in their local communities… Read more

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